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parad shivling benefits parad-shivlingam

Shiviling is available in different materials and one such is, the one made of mercury – liquid metal. Mercury is known as Parad (in Hindi Paaraa). What importance does it hold? It is not mere conjecture but in actuality human mind is more often than not unsteady, and Parad too has the same property. If mercury is stabilized through different processes and a parad shivalingam made out of it, it has tremendous stabilizing effect on the person sitting next to it and meditates. According to scriptures persons who were blessed in the previous birth are bestowed with it in the next birth. So considering its importance and steadying effect persons with great indecisive mind must meditate sitting next to this wondrous shivling. According to Vedic belief it is the semen of Lord Shiv.

parad shivalingam benefits and effects parad-shivlingam

According to Parad granth(sacred book) a mere touch of this parad shivlingam, will bestow on the worshiper the goodness of Shiv pooja in all the three worlds (triloka)
It is believed that acquiring a single parad shivling and worshipped will bestow on the worshiper many blessings. Among them are receiving gold in abundance, getting the benefit of worshipping the ling in all the three worlds and performing several Ashwamegha yagnas.
Worship of this ling is believed to cleanse a person of various crimes especially, govadha(cow slaughter), killing a Brahmin, killing a baby and such similar crimes. Worshiping this ling regularly and doing good karma a person can attain salvation or moksha.
Besides curing many diseases it wards of high blood pressure, asthma, heart disorders, and one important aspect is, it develops mind power to attain strong will which is good for growth of both physical health and mind.
In big cities where nuclear families is the order of the day, Parad shivling benefits worship will harmonise the relationships among all the members of the family. It ensures a home of prosperity and peace. There will be no want; all human needs will continue to be bestowed on the family.
Parad shivling has the exclusive power to evoke the power of Goddess Saraswati . Children are blessed with this power to take interest in what they see and learn what is useful and discard what is unwanted.
Worshiping the ling on Mondays will bring lot of changes: in service, wealth, relationships, health mental and physical, corrects building abnormalities – vastu dosha. This is very important because this dosha can effect the holistic development of the family.
Man always looks forward to success in the material world and thereafter through salvation (moksa). Parad shivling worship offers this in totality.

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