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Parad Shivling puja at home parad-shivlingam

Parad Linga in half anInch

We have Original Parad Shivlingam for home in Sizes of Half inch, 0.75 inches and one inches, these are sizes which are comfortable to be kept at Home , in puja and in office for worshipping Lord Shiva and get Benefitted.

We always inform to becareful while handling Shiv Parad Shivlingam at home for one major thing that if it comes in contact with gold or gold plated ornament, Parad shivling have the power to change the color of gold into white or silver in color. This itself is a test that proves the purity and authenticity of our products, its our duty to inform this to you.

Parad Lingam in 0.75  inches

For buying the above parad shivlingam for home you can kindly contact us an enquiry through form at or can phone at +91 99677 48477