Get Direct blessings for Wealth, Money and Abundance from Goddess Laxmi and Kuber by worshipping Parad shivling.



Lord Shiva the Creator gave the Authority of wealth to Godess Lakshmi ,and Mother Godess Lakshmi made Kuber as the Custodian of money and wealth.

By worshipping Lord Shiva in Linga form, especially as Parad Shivalingam, Mercury lingam, Rasa Lingam, Padarasa lingam one gets the blessings of Lord Shiva and gets the required wealth, money, finance and material benifits.

Once, Goddess Parvati asked Lord Shiva“ People on Earth are suffering a lot to earn money. While all are trying their best only few are able to earn good money. Could you please tell me the reason for the same.”

Lord Shiva answered, “ the fate of a person to become rich is in the hands of the Goddess Laxmi as she is the head for all kinds of wealth like gold,money, rice grains etc. Therefore the people who recognize Vaibhav Laxmi and pray to her, perform the Vaibhav Laxmi Vrat, the Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi will have more inclination towards them. People with the blessings of Vaibhav Laxmi would overcome any difficulties in any kind ofwork they undertake and the victory is always theirs. Those who do not recognize Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi would never be able to earn wealth and would be suffering all their life for money. All their efforts would be in vain and they will never be able to taste success. Those who want to become wealthy, want victory in whatever field they pursue, should perform the Vaibhav Laxmi Vrat. Only then will they get the blessings of Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi and would be successful in their profession.”

Goddess Parvati after listening to the answer, prayed to Lord shiva “Lord! Who is this Vaibhav Laxmi? What is her history? What is her power? Can you please explain these clearly”. Lord Shiva pleased with Goddess Parvati , told “Devi, please listen carefully to the history of Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi:

Once Sage Bhrugu did great penance (Tapasya) for Goddess Parasakthi. Goddess Parasakthi, pleased by his penance(Tapasya ) appeared before Bhrugu. She aksed Bhrugu the reason for doing the penance(Tapasya ) and what is it that he is expecting in returnfor the great penance(Tapasya ). Bhrugu prayed to the Goddess and replied, “hey mother of all ! this world is dependant on three things
3)Money .
All these three are you only, but there are distributed into three different forms, the Power form is as Goddess Parvati and is with Lord Shiva, Your Intelligence form is as Goddess Saraswati and is with Lord Brhama. I wish for the third form of yours ie Money to be my daughter. So Goddess please grant me your Third Form Money as a daughter to me.”
Goddess Parasakthi granted the wish and was born to Bhrugu as Vaibhav Laxmi. Bhrugu married his daughter to Lord Vishnu. On the wish of Lord Vishnu,Vaibhav Laxmi granted enoromous wealth to the Gods and was known as Swarga Laxmi. With the enoromous wealth the king of Gods Indra became arrogant. He committed a mistake in his arrogance due to which he was cursed by Sage Durvasa. Because of thecurse Vaibhav Laxmi was forced to move into the ocean. And Indra had no wealth. As Goddess Laxmi left Lord Vishnu was all alone.
Indra was suffering due to poverty, so he approached Lord Vishnu for help. Lord Vishnu also being alone, plans thatas Goddess Lakshmi has entered the Ksheera Sagaram (ocean of milk) only by churning Ksheera Sagara Lakshmi can be brought back. Hence advises Indra to Churn Ksheera Sagara.
Indra and other gods with the help of demons, Churn Ksheera Sagara, using Mandhara Mountain as the Churn stick and Vasuki as the rope. Along with lot of other things and people, Goddess Lakshmi also comes out and blesses Indra and others with wealth. During the process of reappearing, as per the request of the gods Goddess Laxmi appeared as eight forms
1) Aadi Laxmi
2)Dhanya Laxmi
3)Veera(Dhairya ) Laxmi 4)Gaja(Rajya) Laxmi
5)Santhana Laxmi
6)Vijaya Laxmi
7)Vidya Laxmi
8)Dhana Laxmi.


Lord Kubera is well known to every one. Very few people would be unware of his fame. By Chanting his name again and again, prosperous life will result.
Lord Kubera is the leader of “Yatchas” he is the very best among them. Many people do not know that there is a difference between “Yatchas” and “Bhoothaganas”. Rakshas of shiva are semidivine gods and their devotees are “Bhoothaganas”.
“Yatchas” are there to help mankind and procure wealth. They plead with the Lord for the betterment of good people and the created to help devotees.
Kubera is one of the “Yatchas” he was very much devoted to Shiva. He performed severe penance invoking the blessing of Shiva. He impressed Shiva with his immense Bhakthi and relentless efforts.

Shiva gave darshan to Kubera with Goddess Parvathi. Kubera was stunned to see the splendor and beauty of Goddess Parvathi. He felt sorry that he had not worshipped such a fine Goddess earlier and one of his eyes winked. Goddess Parvathi was angry that Kubera was seeing her with evil intention. She made his eye burst. Kubera lost one eye sight. Lord Kubera requested siva to forgive him and pleaded that he had not seen the Goddess with any evil intention. Siva asked Goddess to decide. Goddess Parvathi forgave Kubera and let one of the eyes grow on smaller size. So one eye of kubera is smaller than the other. Kubera was rewarded by shiva with the post of one of the Guards of eight disas. Kubera was given the post of guarding northen direction. Goddess made him the Lord of wealth and materials.
Kubera is the God of wealth and material but not its originator. His responsibilities is to distribute the above two things properly. Creating wealth and distributing the same is the divine mother Goddess Lakshmi. Kubera is seen with his family in the photographs. In his hand a vessel studded with Navarathinas will be there in some photographs he is seen in blessing pose and the Gold coins and Navarathinas are pouring down.
Lord Balaji or Venkateswara at Thirupathi is said to have Borrowed money from Kubera for his marrige and he is still paying the interest on the loan amount. Hence it would seen that lord Venkateswara will be in protection during the ashadmasa.

Kubera is the God of wealth and other worldly things. So doing Pooja to kubera will enrich one’s life. However that itself is not enough. To have a wealthy and comfortable the life one has to perform Sri Lakshmi Kubera Pooja only.